More about ThermoCet

At the beginning of this millennium, the innovations of our fireplaces are rapidly following one another. Practically any place in the house is now suitable for a fireplace. Designs are vastly expanded and controls even more elaborate and ingenious.

Everything in house

Producing a fireplace is a long process. The less noise, the better the quality. We therefore control the entire process. We control it to perfection. From our own R&D department, complete with a test centre at our head office in Woudenberg.


New ideas for a new kind of fireplace keep coming up. A different design, just different burners, or a whole new way of shaping. From these ideas, our designer starts sketching. Different possibilities are put on the table. Together, we look at the sketches and choose the best options. |Then, the sketches are further developed into better drawings and then 3d drawings are made online. These are sent to our R&D department, which elaborates on them.